About DEE

D.E.E. the cooliest of the coolest

City: A-Town

What is D.E.E:
Dee is just videos about crap and crap and other assorted crapolas. And sometimes there actually is a point. Like in the Challenge. There was no script but there was a plan.

But what does D.E.E. mean:
Dee stands for us. It's our names. D. is Derek, E. is Eric, and E. is Evette. Aren't we amazing?!


The Music:

If you ever hear music in the background, we are not trying to steal those people's songs or whatever it is at the time. We just thought it would be a good idea. So this little explanation right here is just saying please just enjoy what you see and don't talk to us about trouble.


The Cast:

Dee originally stood for what was said above. Now the name just stuck. Because it would be weird to call the show Deejnc. ...Deejink? like Hijinks? Ok no. But now we got plentys of people. Eric, Evette, Jessica, Derek, Nikki, and Cortney. Have fun liking us.

[Jessica Nikki Derek Evette Eric Cortney]
[Jessica Nikki Derek Evette Eric Cortney]